Strings and Vocals

Even before they became the hit J-Rock band: Roses in the Dust, Genkei, the vocals and Jiro, the guitarist had always been friends. That was until one act during a concert brings them unsure feelings, stress, jealousy and somebody in between. Updates every Thursday.
Warning: This comic will contain BL and probably dudes doing butt stuff. Could get mature in later chapters. (Maybe not that much, but you know...) So, if you don't like that, please don't read.
And if you wanna give some advice or tips, feel free to. I'm always up for improvement, just be nice though.



Age: 22
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dirty Blonde with pink dye at the ends
Position: Vocals
Piercings: Two on the bridge of his nose, and a lip ring
Tattoos: A feather on the right side of his chest
Other info: He used to be a model before he was a singer, he quit because he wasn't happy and he has some memories that he wants to get away from. He met Jiro on the day he quit and they been friends ever since. And he's also a HUGE fan of this famous singer named Benji, he's his idol and inspiration. Genkei is also super sweet and loves his band very much.


Age: 23
Gender: Male
Hair color: Red with black dye. His hair used to be black when he was younger.
Position: Guitar
Piercings: Two near his right eye, and one on his neck. He might have more, you just have to find them yourself... ;)
Tattoos: Has a big one across his chest (have to think of some designs), some on his upper back and lower back. He loves tattoos.
Other info: He is bisexual, but he leans towards dudes more than chicks. He's the tallest one in the band, taller than everybody. He wasn't all famous at first, he used to be a guy that was struggling with money and wanted to help his family out during hard times and the only way get money was to play his guitar in the streets. He met Genkei when he was playing outside, he knew who he was just by looking at him. They been buds ever since. Jiro may look like one of know what I mean, right? But, he's a real sweetie and a babe. He loves to do hair too, so he tries to do funky hair styles with his hair. He's a fun guy and loves to flirt with Rei.


Age: 20
Gender: Male (He just looks very feminine)
Hair color: Ice blond with purple dye and beads
Position: Bass Guitar
Piercings: His left ear, and he has two small ones near his belly button (Doesn't like to show them that much)
Tattoos: Has a flame around his belly button and piercings, doesn't like to show that either. (He's a bit shy showing them)
Other info: He came from a perfect family, but he didn't like it. He's also the shortest member. He has anger problems, so don't piss him off unless you want to die. Sometimes he doesn't like to be angry and that makes him emotional. He HATES when people mistake him as a girl, he been living with that for most of his life and he's 2000% done. And he really REALLY hates it when people call him a fag (Yes, he get called that too.) So, if they do call him those things, he's gonna go Hulk and destroy their faces. He likes fur coats and shorts. He loves to play games on his phone, gets very focused. He doesn't like it when Jiro flirts with him, get annoys him. But, when he gets sad, he goes straight to him when there's nobody else around. So, Rei may be mean, but he's a sensitive guy, understanding and straight up honest.


Age: 25
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black with whatever color dye he can think of
Position: Drums
Piercings: Two ear plugs, one industrial, two small one above and below his eyebrow and two small ones on his chin.
Tattoos: One on the back of his neck and two all around his upper arms. (Need to think of designs too...)
Other info: He's the oldest and most wise. Always loved the beat of drums ever since he was young, he puts all his heart and soul when he plays. He doesn't say much to the band, he likes to keep to himself. But, he's a nice and calm guy when he does talk and he always know what to say. Genkei picked him as a co-leader since he's a smart guy. He's not as fashionable like the other members, so he'll mostly wear causal clothes. Except if he's in a photoshoot. He loves his car, it's like his baby. Nobody drives in it but him. And since he's the oldest, he get tired out faster than everybody. So, he loves to take naps.

More characters coming soon...