Strings and Vocals

Even before they became the hit J-Rock band: Roses in the Dust, Genkei, the vocals and Jiro, the guitarist had always been friends. That was until one act during a concert brings them unsure feelings, stress, jealousy and somebody in between. Updates every Thursday.
Warning: This comic will contain BL and probably dudes doing butt stuff. Could get mature in later chapters. (Maybe not that much, but you know...) So, if you don't like that, please don't read.
And if you wanna give some advice or tips, feel free to. I'm always up for improvement, just be nice though.

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Pages for now on are gonna be a bit different until further notice

October 6th, 2014, 1:08 am

I been using my little sister's tablet to shade the pages and my sister's tablet not doing really good right now. The only way it can work is if I move the wire in certain way, and sometimes it doesn't work that way. I did asked on other sites if people could help me get a new tablet by doing commissions, but I haven't got anything. If you guys wanna help me out, then that would be great. But, until then, the pages are just gonna be either just lines or lines with pencil shading. I'm not sure yet, but I hope you guys understand.

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